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   Design Realization has established the partnership with  the quality manufacturers in China to help our customers in sourcing the lower cost and high quality parts and assemblies offshore.  We have been geared with our very close allies in far east to make it possible for our customers to do "one-stop-shopping" for whatever they need to reduce costs. We Dedicatedly provide the following manufacturing services:
     // Sheet metal stamping and Deep Drawn
Aluminum or Zinc Die Casting
// Plastic Injection Molding
     // SS, CS & AL Wax-lost Casting
     // Extrusion
 // CNC Machining
     // Painting, powder coating and silk-screening
// Mechanical assembly
// Printed Circuit Board Assembly
     // OEM Products
Together! we've made differences. We have served a lot customers in North America with lower manufacturing cost and the most innovative thermal management products which solve a lot of problems in today's electronic industry.

Customer's comments:

Hello Kevin, My compliments to you and your staff on the fine job you did for Digital Solutions.  I've never seen such beautiful first-offs before.   You really did an excellent job. 

Thank you very much!

Kurt Steinbacher / Contract Engineer

 Product Gallery

 Product Gallery

Heat Sinks and thermal Management Products
Proprietary, standard, non-standard and custom heat sinks

Metal Parts for Electronic Products
 High precision shields for telecommunication modules and electronic modules Power supply housings, EMI shields, brackets etc

Stainless Steel Parts
Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Aluminum Wax-lost casting.
We possess an advanced technology with an automatic injection lines, digitalized stability system and 3 fully automatic robotic systems for making the shells & 2 automatic vacuum machines.

Plastic Injection Molded Parts
Specialized in Mold and Mass production with 20 different Injection machines including special "2 material in 1 injection machine".  following materials: A.B.S, Polystyrene, Polycarbonates, Peek, Nylon, Acryl, delrin and more�

Various Springs with the Lowest Cost
Provides various springs, 
battery contacts
, wire forms and  metal stampings, etc. with all kind of finishing.

EMI/RFI Shields and Line Filters
brand line filters, guarantee lower price. One-piece shields, multi-compartmental shields, and precision contacts are designed to maximize performance in a minimum space. 

Superior LCD Displays and Touch Panels
esigning and manufacturing superior LCD display and touch panel with low cost and high quality.  Engage and collaborate with the customers to find and implement the solutions with Customer supports
Aluminum Die-Casting Parts
pecializing in Hi-Quality Aluminum Die-Casting for the Wireless communication, Hi-Tech & Military industries.
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