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   Design Realization offers the design services for our customers who are short in hand with their tight project schedules, or who want to outsource design work to reduce the R&D costs. Our design engineers have many years quality experience in electronic packaging and product design for the consumer electronics, power electronics, telecommunications, defense and aerospace industries. etc. We concentrate on the state of the art of DFM/A, low cost parts and system designs.

Current Design Projects

     Design Realization
is currently working on the Research and Development project for Cell Antenna, Inc.'s ruggedized Jammers. The project includes R.F. packaging, thermal management for the power amplifier and overall product design to meet the rugged environmental conditions.

CAD Tools: AutoCAD, Pro/E Wildfire, Solidworks and Solid Edge

    Design Realization successfully designed and developed the safety monitoring and surveillance products for Safety Vision, LP with cost effective design approached by working together with its engineers and the manufacturer.

Customer's Comment on Our Design ...

Design Realization offers the true cost reduction design for our DVR products by reducing part counts,  and implementing the simplicity and DFM in the designs.

                    - By Doris Ringwald, Logistics Manager

     Design Realization designed and developed the 1-U 19" rack, VoIP products for xG Technology, Inc.  with "design the parts right at the first time" approach by working together with its hardware and RF engineers.

Customer's Comment on Our Design ...

Design Realization designed our 1-U 19" rack mounting VOIP system "right at the first time" so as to reduce the cost and time-to-market.

 - By Nadeem Khan, Product Manager

     Design Realization had designed and developed the 96-well plate host equipment with access control mechanism for Euveda Biosciences, Inc.   Design Realization took the ownership for the product conceptualization, definition and design, which includes, but not limited to, part/assembly design, mechanism design, and rapid prototype, mainly using the plastic injection molding, die casting and sheet metal stamping manufacturing processes.

     Design Realization had designed and developed the Rapid Deployment Portable Repeater Systems (Model CAE-750) and other Homeland Security Products for   Cell Antenna, Inc.  by joining the R&D effort with its top managers and engineers in defining and specifying the products, so that the product can meet the RoHS and Military requirements.

 Design Realization had consulted  Syneron Medical Ltd. for its aesthetic medical products, such as VelaShape and LipoLite, design and development to improve product quality, functionality, maintainability and easy-assembly.

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